Saturday, 18 September 2010


Something very exciting is coming.  Maybe you can guess what it is but I'm not saying anything other than I am very, very excited and bouncy!  *bouncebounce*

But I must keep calm, yes.  Calm.  So whilst I wait and you wait to see why I am waiting, I shall pick up my hook and a ball of wool and crochet a little something.  I do love to crochet and I think I always will.  It all started in April when I discovered Lucy at her Attic24 blog.  I was immediately inspired to buy a crochet hook, a ball of wool and give it a go.  After a few Youtube tutorials and a few hours more I had made something that resembled a half-chewed earthworm.  And do you know what?  I'm going to show you that earthworm!


Dear oh dear oh dear!  I wouldn't have been surprised if I had given up on the idea of crochet right there and then.  But my Mum and my Sister were very gracious about my earthworm and possibly fibbed just a little bit about how marvellous it was.  That made me feel better enough to pick my hook back up and try again and after a few weeks...tadaaa

Ripple cushion


Ripple cushion close

I did it!  I learned the neat ripple pattern from Lucy's Attic24 blog!

I know that many people say that they will try anything once, but I have decided to try anything twice!  Things may be very different the second time around.

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