Thursday, 9 September 2010


I didn't know that sewing machines went 'Bzzzzzzz!'  What a fairly scary thing that was when I first heard it.  I must admit that despite being excited to try out my new sewing machine, once I had sat myself down at the kitchen table I felt a little bit nervous.  I had no idea why, since I had armed myself with six pillowcases from the charity shop to practise on so there was plenty of time and fabric for mistakes.  I guess I suddenly wondered whether maybe...possibly...what if...I was never going to be very good at sewing on a sewing machine.  Kind of like that time I tried oil painting....what a disaster!

But I did make a start after all of my silly pondering and as I gently pressed down on the foot pedal, slowly slowly....


My goodness, it scared half of the life out of me.  Apparently it's a normal noise and I'm just going to have to get used to it.  I spent a good hour testing the stitch patterns and running up and down my pillowcases with bright orange thread then running out of it and using the other shade of bright orange and running out of that too.  Never mind though, who uses orange anyway?!

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