Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Beginning

I've decided that today is a very good day to start a blog since I'm am embarking on a new adventure with my brand new, shiny, super....sewing machine!  I saw it in the local supermarket a few days ago for £60 and couldn't stop thinking about it.  And today, I left craft group early and bought it.  My first proper sewing machine, and here it is...

New Sewing Machine

Cooeee, isn't it shiny?!  It came with all of the usual gadgets and gizmos and I have spent the evening looking through the manual.  It's a bit late for sewing now, you see, but I do so badly want to have a go.  Maybe I should just plug it in and check that the light works.  Yes, yes.  That's what I will do!

*flicks the switch*

Wheeee!  It works, I am so terribly excited!  Have you ever had to wait for the next day and you just know that at 4.30am you will wake up and that'll be it.  No more sleep, just lying there in bed, excited, watching the clock.  Well that is me to a a kid at Christmas.  Oh well, it's back to the manual for me until tomorrow morning, or I could rearrange the set of sewing threads that I bought along with the sewing machine.

Sewing Threads from Lidl

Ahhh, colourful.  Well, until tomorrow!

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