Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Oh Brother!

This is too much, too much to contain.  I think I shall burst if I don't share my utter excitement and delight!  Look what arrived today...

Brother 1

Isn't it an absolute beauty!?  I decided to invest more money in a sewing machine and get one that would suit my needs, so this is what I chose.  It's a Brother Innov-is 350SE and I bought it for £370.  It was an awful lot of money to splash out on one thing, but I really do hope that it is a worthwhile investment.  In the future I would love to design and sew my own things and sell them at craft fairs or on the internet.  Right now it's just a dream but I have a feeling that this lovely machine is the first major step in realising that dream.  Let me show you more...

Brother 2

Everything is in just the right place and threading is a total doddle.  There's a handy needle threader, a superfast bobbin winder, a bright LED light and once everything is ready you just pop the lid down and everything is all tucked away neatly inside.

Brother 3

Here is the accessories compartment which slides off to reveal the Brother's free arm.  There's a handy switch just on the back which drops the feed dogs down.  I read that dropping the feed dogs can be an awkward procedure on some machines so I'm very glad that on mine it's easily accessible.  Another easy-peasy thing is inserting the bobbin.  Just drop it in and off you go!  There's an automatic thread securing function which runs the needle back and forth three times when you start and finish, and not only that but it will cut the thread for you too!  Oh how I do lovelovelove my new sewing machine!

And the best thing about it?  It doesn't go 'BZZZZZZZZ' - tee hee!

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