Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Blast From The Past

Way back, in 1999, I fancied myself a bit of a cross stitch designer and had a fair bit of success manufacturing my own cross stitch kits.  After a few changes in my circumstances, my little business was put onto the backburner whilst I sorted out more important aspects of my life.  I never really got back into it, mainly because I have moved on, tried different crafts and learned new techniques and styles.

I was reminded of my cross stitch business today, though, when talking to my Mum and Sister about the return of Spring flowers to our gardens.  My sibling has snowdrops in hers, but I have daffodils poking their curious heads up in mine.  They have long been my favourite flower and I always look forward to seeing them again.  They are so cheerful and bright and they are also a symbol of Wales which makes them even better! ♥

As soon as I mentioned my daffodils, I was instantly reminded of this cross stitch pattern.  Even now, 12 years later, this very picture graces the windowsill in my kitchen.  I thought it was time to scan the pattern, tweak things a little and list it online so that others can share my joy in such a wonderful Spring flower.

It's now available to buy as a PDF from my Etsy shop over there on the right.

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