Thursday, 27 January 2011

Patchwork Sampler

Sampler Cushion

I've been wondering whether to have a go at cushions recently, and this is what I ended up making.  My intention was to try a little bit of everything to see what I enjoy, what my limitation are, whether I can remember how to do blanket stitch...that kind of thing.  I spent a fair bit of time selecting the fabric because I wanted it to go together nicely.  I had my first ever go at patchwork and loved it!  And then I let my mind and hands relax a little, and just floated along doing whatever came to mind, square by square.  It isn't finished yet but I do think it's rather charming.  A bit like a sampler on a cushion.  My Mum thought it was a wonderful idea and so I have decided to buy some natural fabrics, lace, beads and sequins from Abakhan in the near future and make cushions to sell at Afonwen.

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