Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions


I only made one, and that's to start using all of the lovely, smelly, foamy toiletries that I always get for Christmas.  I tend to like them so much that I don't want to use them but no, not this year.  I can always buy more if I run out but since I've been hording toiletries for many Christmases, I think I won't run out for another few years yet!

Anyway, there was a poitnt to this.  Ah yes, today I did something that should probably have been a New Year's resolution but wasn't.  I organised my stash!  Just a little bit.  I'm a fairly cluttery kind of person and I love books and fabrics and buttons and ribbons and felts and threads and things.  Normally this would be piled at the back of my desk within easy reach.  But since the sunshine will soon start to appear and will shine through my window for most of the day, I thought I ought to find a little cubby hole for everything, rather than have it fade.  Tadaa!

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