Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cupcake Pincushion

Cupcake Pin Cushion
Oh look!  Isn't this little cupcake pincushion utterly adorable?!  My lovely Mum sent me a kit containing everything needed to make one and it was a lot of fun to make too.  Of course, I won't be selling this at the craft fair, oh no!  This is too lovely and too special.  But...I can always bake/sew more!

I'm sure you will agree that it is particularly lovely when I show you my old pin cushion.  Oh dear.  You might have a little giggle at my previous pincushion.  It's in rather a sorry state.

Ready for a giggle?




Tea Pin Cushion

The poor lop-sided top-heavy thing.  It was meant to be a cup of tea but sadly it looks like a cream blob of wool that might possibly have looked a little bit like something once upon a time!

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